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Hazmat Articles - Security Starts with Asking the Right Questions

By Roy Marshall

To maintain our current standard of living our society today relies on a diversity of chemicals. In the transportation of those chemicals there is an inherent risk that government, industry, and the public - from fire departments to industry response teams - plan for, prepare for and work to reduce. As if the challenge was not great enough regarding the transportation of hazardous materials, a new element of risk has surfaced: The threat of acts of terrorism.

On the one hand government response has been nearly overwhelming in its activities, which have been expressed in many laws, advisory notices and warnings. On the other hand vendors of all types are lining up to offer products and services as solutions. However, where does the chemical distributor start to get a handle on the problem and the available solutions? As with any new problem that must be addressed, the path to an effective solution begins with asking the right questions. These may include:

  1. What are the risks at our location and with the materials that we transport?
  2. What are the options to remove or reduce those risks?
  3. Which options do we select and what are the costs?
  4. How do we develop and implement a security program?
  5. What benefits can we expect?

In the next issues of the Chemical Distributor we will look at the process to identify risks, the options and resources available to reduce those risks, and how to implement an effective security program.

Roy Marshall is a hazardous materials specialist for Regulations Training, Inc. d/b/a HazardousMaterials.com and conducts courses on hazardous materials in both domestic and international transportation. He can be reached at 1-800/317-0518. For more articles, information, and HAZMAT Web site links, visit www.hazardousmaterials.com.

Editor's note: Roy Marshall gave a detailed presentation at OPSEM 2002 on New Regulations and Security Issues for Chemical Distributors Who Transport Hazardous Materials.


Reprinted with permission, Chemical Distributor October 2002 Copyright 2002, National Association of Chemical Distributors, Arlington, VA
A publication of the National Association of Chemical Distributors [NACD].


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