Hazardous Materials Transportation Training

Your Course Instructor, Roy Marshall

Roy Marshall is known for his ability to translate the complex federal and international regulations into language everyone can understand and apply to daily hazmat shipping operations. His presentation, enthusiasm, and practical experience in the field of transportation - since 1975 - have resulted in a unique method of teaching both the latest regulations and the secrets to rapidly finding regulatory information.

Roy began working with Fred H. Tolan Freight Traffic Services in 1975 where he handled hazmat problems in all modes of transportation, wrote hazmat policy for a 1,000 member shippers cooperative, and worked with consolidation and distribution terminals around the nation which shipped hazardous materials. His training, auditing, and information programs resulted in what one inspector described as producing the "best [hazmat] billing in the industry".

In 1987 Roy began working at the Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Training Center where he developed a five-day Highway Emergency Response Course covering topics from plugging and patching leaking drums to transferring liquids between cargo tank trucks. He frequently discusses the accidents behind the regulations to give students an understanding of their real-world importance.

In 1991 Roy founded Regulations Training, Inc. and has been teaching public and private on-site hazmat transportation training, conducted courses for the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD) and the National Industrial Transportation League (NIT League), as well as writing for numerous publications.

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