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Why companies choose Regulations Training, Inc.

Selecting the right hazmat training firm is critical when risks are so high.

Every employee who is involved with hazardous materials has the potential to expose you and your company to civil and criminal liability. In fact the Department of Transportation (DOT) has identified human error as the primary cause of hazmat related accidents and one report recently stated that one-third of all hazmat penalties now include [lack of adequate] training. DOT regulations not only require certified training for hazmat employees, more importantly, they require that your employees comprehend and be able to apply the regulations when preparing, shipping, or transporting hazardous materials.

Selecting the right firm to train your personnel is critical when the risks are so high. Will the training your employees receive be the most thorough, comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date training available? Will they really understand the materials that are presented? Will all their questions be answered? Will they take home the most comprehensive compliance manuals available?

"By far the best", "most beneficial", and "most comprehensive" are words used by corporate compliance managers, safety directors, hazmat trainers, and others to describe RTI's hazardous materials training. Our goal is to provide an atmosphere where you can effectively learn the latest regulations and the secrets to find regulatory answers quickly. We also will provide you with some of the most comprehensive compliance manuals in the hazardous materials industry. To achieve this goal Regulations Training, Inc. will:

• Provide a program where you can effectively learn detailed information on the latest federal/international regulations.

• Give you the opportunity to apply them to real-world hazmat shipping problems.

• Provide you with comprehensive materials to explain the regulations long after you have left the classroom.

• Provide technical support throughout the following year to answer your hazmat questions.

If you would like hazardous materials training conducted at your facility with your request and contact information or call RTI at 1-800-317-0518 for a quote on our custom in-house training and auditing programs. RTI can provide you with multi-modal training for domestic and international transportation including general awareness, function-specific, and safety training.

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