Hazardous Materials Transportation Training

Basic 49 CFR/Sea Course--Initial / Recurrent

U.S. Air/Highway/Rail/Sea and International Sea

Course Description: Using the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (IMDG Code), and Title 49-Code of Federal Regulations (49 CFR), this 4-day course offers the student a study of current regulatory requirements for the domestic transportation of hazardous materials via air, highway, rail, and water and international transportation by water.

Course Materials: HazardousMaterials.com/Regulations Training, Inc. provide the following course materials:
• International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (IMDG Code, full two volume set)
• Complete Comply Guide To The IMDG Regulations
• Hazardous Materials Regulations (Title 49 CFR Parts 100-185) published by the Bureau of Explosives, including regulations adopted in Docket HM-215M
• Hazardous Materials Compliance Manual, by J.J. Keller, which is one of the most comprehensive compliance manuals available and includes the following sections: Classification, Packaging, Documentation, Non-Bulk Marking and Labeling, Bulk Marking & Placarding, Handling & Storage, Accidents & Incidents, Questions & Answers, Training, Audits, State Requirements, References, Enforcement, Data Sources, Exemptions, and Preambles of new hazmat regulations. The manual also includes full color charts for Labeling, Placarding, Loading & Segregation.
• Emergency Response Guidebook. (US DOT)
• special forms to assist you in regulatory compliance
Course materials are valued at $711.00.

(Course materials provided are subject to change without notice.)

Note: Initial training is designed for personnel without previous training or experience. Recurrent training is designed for personnel who have had previous training. Some courses are appropriate for both initial and recurrent training.

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