Hazardous Materials Transportation Training

New Live-Internet Training Available -- Basic/Advanced

Announcement: November saw the first live on-line 49 CFR course conducted successfully over the Internet. Both the instructor and the class were very happy with the outcome. If you have a need for world-class hazmat instruction, check the Hazmat Courses and Seminars Schedule for the next available class. If you don't see a class that meets your schedule, just call us or send us a message through our Contact page. .

Course Materials: Course materials are the same for Live-Internet training as they are for on-site and public courses.

Basic materials are valued at $382.00.

Basic + Air materials are valued at $766.00.

Basic + Sea materials are valued at $711.00.

Basic + Air + Sea materials are valued at $1,090.00.

(Course materials provided are subject to change without notice.)

Note: Initial training is designed for personnel without previous training or experience. Recurrent training is designed for personnel who have had previous training. Some courses are appropriate for both initial and recurrent training.

Please call us at 1-800-317-0518 and ask about our next course dates and locations.

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